2018/19 Roadmap Released!

//2018/19 Roadmap Released!

2018/19 Roadmap Released!

The Whitecoin team is very excited to announce the release of our 2018/19 Roadmap!

2018 has been a huge year for Whitecoin in all facets with growth and development spanning all aspects of the Whitecoin sphere. We plan to continue this trend in to 2019 with a vast array of update to many aspects of Whitecoin, the roadmap outlines the areas we plan to focus our efforts in for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019.

The roadmap as a whole aims to bring many improvements that benefit end users such as; Whitenode updates, the addition of an Electrum SPV wallet and the implementation of a Masternode network update.

In 2019 the Whitecoin team also aim to focus on community input and improvements to our visual media including the implementation of a user voice platform, style guides so that community made content can be seamlessly be integrated into wider media, promotional videos as well as the completion of our currently being built website launch.

To aid the long term development of Whitecoin we will be adding an option of donating the PoS staking reward to the team, with the hopes to ensure a steady funding stream allowing greater flexibility of resources to bring future projects to completion.

As always our Roadmap can be found here in the Roadmap section of the Whitecoin website. 

The Whitecoin team always encourages ideas for input, questions about our future and further clarification from our community and can be best fielded in our real time communication networks Discord and Telegram.

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