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I'm a member of the Whitecoin team since 2014. As long as there is a community i'll keep on developing.
Whitecoin Developer and Director of Operations

Whitecoin in a nutshell

Whitecoin in a nutshell Whitecoin (XWC) is a cryptocurrency launched in early 2014 focused on innovative solutions to securely manage and make transactions. XWC is a proof-of-stake based coin driven by an active community of volunteers. Helpful resources Official website Whitecoin Explorer Whitecoin Discord Community Bitcointalk topic Github Donations Official Social Media Twitter Twitter Asia [...]

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Whitecoin is now enabled on Cryptopia Exchange!

We are pleased to announce that Whitecoin has been listed and enabled on Cryptopia! About Cryptopia was created by a New Zealand-registered corporation named Cryptopia Limited. You can view full details about that corporation at the official NZ government website here. It’s a legitimate, registered corporation. One of the important things to note about the corporation [...]

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Whitecoin listed on!

We are pleased to announce that Whitecoin has been listed on! Exchange Whitecoin in just three simple steps! About is an online cryptocurrency exchanger. We provide a safe and fast way to get any of the currency we have listed on our platform at the best price. Our services eliminate the need to [...]

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Whitenode version 0.3.3 released!

The Whitecoin team are pleased to announce we have released an updated version of Whitenode to v0.3.3 with an upgraded GUI and a version wallet. The new Whitenode release for RasPi can be downloaded here Our team has also compiled a guide to update which users can follow to aid their transition to the compliant version [...]

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Whitecoin Wallet v2.5.2.0 Released

Hello all! We’re very pleased to announce the release of the Whitecoin wallet v2.5.2.0 From our winning logo we had to update the wallet as well and this one comes with a redesign, now it's looking even more professional and modern. We also left the old fork behind, so the wallet won't connect anymore to [...]

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XWC Blockchain Instant Sync

We have created  a instant sync blockchain copy for you to get your wallet up and running even faster! Get your instant sync copy here and place it into %APPDATA%\whitecoin-xwc\ this way you prevent the full blockchain download. File Hashes: MD5 Checksum: 9BD46FCC7B977448D123B3A55CE72EB7 SHA-1 Checksum: C4DFD642E75C28540892EDF29D6520D8F1E75EC5 SHA256 Checksum: FA8A2FDB363721E31983C36D12DD5DD774803FB076A94A81DF8C9DD6FEA801D9 SHA512 Checksum: 97C1F14BF2DF8557CE86C43DD5F3366B0AD0FE3A5C4F8FC9E7807F836E92EED110DDEB45423E5B19149EA763F1D93D8CE99B43E38475A9F9CDF36706B0266713

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Explorer temporarily offline

One of our hosting providers is currently experiencing some datacenter issues, So a small cluster of our machines are currently down. The on-site Technician is working on resolving the problem as we speak, and should be resolved by the end of the day. For now the following services might have some issues, please use the [...]

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