Bittrex removal

//Bittrex removal

Bittrex removal

The Whitecoin team can confirm that XWC will be removed from trading on Bittrex July 12th.

We are very disappointed to be announcing that Whitecoin will no longer be traded after July 12th on the Bittrex platform. This is an unfortunate ending to an over 5 year relationship with Bittrex dating back to April 2014. We have reached out to the Bittrex team who have confirmed that now the removal process has commenced it is final and the team are unable to take steps to prevent our removal.

We are again disappointed that greater communication and opportunity to address Whitecoins removal was not given to us but we do understand Bittrex decision as a greater level of information from them does provide the opportunity for insider trading, which does protect users from malicious actors.

Why is Whitecoin being removed

Quite simply, we do not know. We have not been given any basis for their decision just that they follow their removal policy.

What now for Whitecoin

The team will continue to work on improving and moving Whitecoin forward. We will be exploring as many options as possible to progress our development allowing Whitecoin to grow from this point.

We still have numerous markets available for trading on including;

Each of these exchanges are high profile, large volume markets which will continue to be options for Whitecoin members to utilise. We’re also supported on other smaller platforms.

Final note

We would like to thank Bittrex for supporting Whitecoin over the past 5 years. As an unfunded global community driven coin we have faced many challenges some of which Bittrex have been instrumental in aiding us with. We do not see this being the end to our relationship with Bittrex and hope to maintain communication going forward. We are though disappointed and frustrated with this outcome and if you are too feel free to contact Bittrex and have your voice heard.

As always the Whitecoin team appreciate your ongoing support and hope we can all move forward together.

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