Whitecoin Starts Swap Process On October 10

As of October 10, 2019, Whitecoin will usher in a new era. Whitecoin, more than five years old, will bring a warm current to the cold market. Let's take a look at the details of the swap and get involved quickly! Swap Time Whitecoin will initiate swap of XWCC toward XWC at 18:00 October 10, [...]

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Whitecoin listed on Unnamed Exchange

The Whitecoin team are very pleased to announce we have been listed on the new up and coming "Unnamed Exchange" Unnamed is an exchange created by coin developers wanting to make an innovate advanced trading platform for all users. Whitecoin have been listed for trading with all available pairs on Unnamed Exchange which includes; XWC [...]

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Whitecoin Development Team Restructure

In light of the reality of the modern cryptocurrency sphere the Whitecoin team has decided that the best course of action for Whitecoin, its community and holders to continue to move forward is to restructure the development team. As of the 3rd of July the lead of the development team has begun transitioning to incorporate [...]

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Bittrex removal

The Whitecoin team can confirm that XWC will be removed from trading on Bittrex July 12th. We are very disappointed to be announcing that Whitecoin will no longer be traded after July 12th on the Bittrex platform. This is an unfortunate ending to an over 5 year relationship with Bittrex dating back to April 2014. [...]

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General Announcement & Blockfolio Signals

Hello Whitecoiners!  We want to thank you all for your continued support in the Whitecoin project and we appreciate all your feedback on how on the team is doing.   We have been silent lately, but we want to ensure that that’s not because we aren’t working. The team has been working to make our [...]

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Whitecoin 2018 End of Year Report

2018 has been another fantastic year for Whitecoin (XWC) we have seen a lot of growth, many changes and developments and we're glad you chose to join us to make this year such an exciting time for Whitecoin. Thank you all for your support, commitment and contributions! The following report covers many (but not all) [...]

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Whitecoin listed on

The Whitecoin team are pleased to announce our listing on the new exchange! is a new up and coming exchange who have chosen to support Whitecoin by adding us to their initial coin listings. Whitecoin has been listed with all three base trading pairs the offer: BTC - XWC USDT - XWC [...]

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2018/19 Roadmap Released!

The Whitecoin team is very excited to announce the release of our 2018/19 Roadmap! 2018 has been a huge year for Whitecoin in all facets with growth and development spanning all aspects of the Whitecoin sphere. We plan to continue this trend in to 2019 with a vast array of update to many aspects of [...]

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WhiteCoin Blockchain Game (, a blockchain virtual currency game platform developed by whitecoin enthusiasts joint team. The bet result is generated by SHA ( Secure Hash Algorithm ), which can be provably fair. XwcDice website is developed, designed and operated by an independent professional team, who guarantee the fairness and the openness of all data, XwcDice strongly [...]

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Whitecoin listed on ZBG

The Whitecoin team is pleased to announce that we have been added to an exclusive list on ZBG is the global branch of This is very exciting for Whitecoin as we are part of a select few to be added to this new market space. Whitecoin has been added with an initial trading [...]

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