New President, Development and KUT

It’s been a great couple of months working with the team here at Whitecoin and throughout this time I have had the privilege of meeting with some really great individuals that share common goals and beliefs between each other as it relates to CryptoCurrency, values and goals. With this being said, there have been many [...]

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..:: Whitecoin: WhiteOS Public Beta ::..

WhiteOS Release Schedule:  Public Beta Release:    10 October 2014 Launched! WhiteOS Official Release:          ~17 October 2014 WhiteOS utilizes a custom, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment based on the latest version 14.04LTS.  WhiteOS is a secure and portable operating system that anyone with a PC or laptop will be able to use. Because the OS [...]

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Whitecoin Updates Oct 1st

Greetings! What a great couple of months for Whitecoin but we believe that this is only the beginning of the communities hard work, dedication and commitment to Whitecoin, its investors, partners and cryptocurrency in general. Over the past several months we have seen some great leading indicators of how healthy Whitecoin is. We look at [...]

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WhiteOS Update, Testing And Release Schedule

WhiteOS Release Schedule is as follows: Internal Testing:          In Progress Private Testing:            3 October 2014 Public Beta Release:    10 October 2014 WhiteOS Official Release:          ~17 October 2014 (depends on bugs) WhiteOS utilizes a custom, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment, based on the latest version 14.04LTS. WhiteOS is a secure and portable operating [...]

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WhiteOS – A Sneak Peak Into The Whitecoin OS

WhiteOS - Sneak preview Hello WC! Today I'm very excited and proud to announce a sneak preview about WhiteOS. We have been working hard on this to create a secure and easy to use custom OS for Whitecoin. Most bugs and errors have been solved and things look very bright. This is a very early [...]

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Verified Users, Name Registrations, Trust Scores, Identity Management Services Announced for Whitecoin!

It is with our pleasure that we share with you the most recent announcement by Shair.com as it relates to our on going discussions surrounding Known User Transactions. Shair has taken it one step further than our previous discussions to include a plethora of enhanced services to be provided by Claim.io and DandyID utilizing Whitecoin [...]

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CryptoCopyright Goes Live With Retail Beta V1

Crypto Copyright is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its initial retail service beta being powered and protected by Whitecoin! "We are really excited about offering our Patent Pending Crypto Copyright  beta free to anyone who needs to protect their creative works.  Today we launched our Retail Beta V1, where any user can claim [...]

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Whitecoin – WhiteOS, CryptoCopyright Beta and Wearz

Update 9/5/14 Hello! Wow, Wow, Wow.  Seems like Whitecoin has really caught a good wave here recently.  In case you missed it, the last update was huge, and today seems to even be bigger! Last Update can be found Here Behind the scenes efforts still continue on our concepts below, creating a novel piece of [...]

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Whitecoin Update September 4th

Hello! Below is the list I pulled together based on previous posts.  With each idea is a WC address.  Future coin addresses will be added to allow other coins to be donated as well.  The funds donated can be returned at this point should an idea evolve to the point where you no longer support [...]

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