December 2017 Donations page is live

//December 2017 Donations page is live

December 2017 Donations page is live

Our donation campaign for December 2017 is now live and operational

Following on from our hugely successful November fundraising campaign we’re at it again!

We have two goals we are aiming for this time around and hope you can support us to be just as successful this month as last.

Visit the Whitecoin donations page here

New Whitecoin Website

One of the communities most suggested point of improvement is the design of our website. It’s been said the site it’s outdated, not user friendly and not very pretty. We agree. The Whitecoin team is working on a new website and this time we want to do it right. That’s why we need your help to fund the project.

We are asking for minimum of 1 BTC to fund this project. We have found specialist who can help design and develop the new website. These are professionals worth every penny; an investment that will set apart Whitecoin and the new website from other cryptocurrencies.

Read the full article on the goals for the new Whitecoin website here and how donating will get you rewarded as an official Whitecoin donor.


With the successful addition of the Coinomi mobile wallet we want to capitalise on this opportunity. By being listed with either or you will be able to purchase Whitecoin directly via the mobile wallet.

We think this will be a valuable asset to have as anyone, anywhere at anytime can buy Whitecoin as long as they have access to their mobile wallet. We are currently in discussions with both Changelly and ShapeShift to make this affiliation happen and hope the community will again be able to support us in this venture.

Changelley have a listing fee of 3BTC which is the goal we’ve set for the donations. ShapeShift have not expressed a listing fee but if our discussions do lead to having a listing we need the funds available to be able to progress.

Persistent donations 

Our persistent donations will be continuing to operate:

  • General Dev Fund
  • Marketing & Advertising Fund
  • Developers Tip Jar

These funds keep our core features operating and allow us to further Whitecoin faster; with funds available which make us more adaptive to the ever changing crypto market.

As always we appreciate your support no matter how small or large and that this will help propel us into a big 2018 for Whitecoin.

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