General Announcement & Blockfolio Signals

//General Announcement & Blockfolio Signals

General Announcement & Blockfolio Signals

Hello Whitecoiners!  We want to thank you all for your continued support in the Whitecoin project and we appreciate all your feedback on how on the team is doing.  

We have been silent lately, but we want to ensure that that’s not because we aren’t working. The team has been working to make our 2019 roadmap a reality, and we’ve been making great progress on our deliverables.  Please continue to give your feedback on how we can make Whitecoin a better project for you, and the community!

We do have some upcoming updates which we will endeavour to release over the coming weeks. With that in mind;


Whitecoin news posts will now be available on Blockfolio Signals

As part of our goal to streamline our communications with our Whitecoin community members , we will be starting to publish our announcements on the Blockfolio Signals platform!  

If you would like to start tracking Whitecoin’s price movement & also receive notifications on our latest announcements, please download Blockfolio and add Whitecoin to your watchlist!

You can download Blockfolio Signal for your preferred platforms here: Google Play & Apple Store

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