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1507, 2014

WCF Open Letter To Canadian Government – Bill C-31

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Bitcoin Legislation Potentially Disastrous for Growing Canadian Tech Sector Concerns continue to mount in the cryptocurrency sector over the Harper Government’s approach to Bitcoin. Bill C-31 contains many potential implications to crypocurrency users, spread throughout [...]

307, 2014

Community Overthrows CryptoCurrency

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Online Community Overthrows CryptoCurrency, Launches out of Halifax The story of WhiteCoin is a fascinating example of the CryptoCurrency's emerging potential. Launched in April of 2014 in the alternative Bitcoin market, WhiteCoin [...]

2706, 2014

CryptoCurrency Partnership Awarded

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Hello WhiteCoiners, Today I bring you a very special announcement. In my opinion, this development validates all of our work and careful effort to date. After months of analysis of the cryptocurrency market, CryptoCopyright and [...]