New President, Development and KUT

//New President, Development and KUT

New President, Development and KUT

It’s been a great couple of months working with the team here at Whitecoin and throughout this time I have had the privilege of meeting with some really great individuals that share common goals and beliefs between each other as it relates to CryptoCurrency, values and goals. With this being said, there have been many questions and PM’s from the community that would like to have more information on where we are going and the current status on some of the members of the community, so I am taking this opportunity to provide the community with an update regarding these & other questions, concerns & ideas that you have asked about:

WCF Acting President – Mogonzo – Replacement:

Many of you know that Chris (Mogonzo) originally came to Whitecoin as the acting President of the WCF and accomplished some awesome things for the community. As shared in previous posts, Chris has been battling many personal issues over the summer/fall such as his Grandparents illnesses in addition to most recently being in a car accident. We have been supportive of his personal life throughout these trying times however it has come to a place where Whitecoin Community Stakeholders and current WCF acting members, have talked long and hard about the replacement of Mogonzo as acting President…

In order continue the forward momentum of Whitecoin, its developments, community growth and fostering enhancements through partnerships the WCF has concluded that we will continue to support Chris with a Board At Large Position for the WCF where he can focus on any governmental / political items that may affect not only Cryptocurrency but Whitecoin more specifically however we will be making a replacement of the role as President and to this end, it has been decided that for the interim, myself (Jason Arnold) will step up to the acting role as the WCF Interim President until such a time that we the community has a suitable candidate or a formalized voting process takes place to fill this and other roles within the WCF.

A few reasons why I was selected for the interim position of President:

1. is directly invested in Whitecoin ( happily staking WC)

  • has and continues to develop technologies that make use of the Whitecoin blockchain are currently in the process of rolling out the Alpha Version of personal verification through DandyID
    • In the future, this feature will be rolled out to the Whitecoin Wallet, thereby integrating the DandyID service for KUT (Known User Transactions) into Whitecoin for all to utilize

2. My background in Technology, Startups through to the successful IPO of companies is looked upon as an asset by the WCF

3. I currently hold other positions with NPOs (President & Government Funding roles) and can bring this experience to Whitecoin

4. I have always maintained a focus on Community to drive the adoption, utilization and value for all parties involved

For example: has invested in Whitecoin and Stakes 100% of its holdings with no market sells, it continues to invest through various means, thereby increasing its position within Whitecoin.

I am super excited to help facilitate the growth of Whitecoin and the utilization of the underlying ingenious technology of the Blockchain. This is only the beginning of a technology with a massive impact both personally and professionally worldwide.


As Crypto development is beginning to cross over into Commercial Businesses (such as Claimio, DandyID, CryptoCopyright) has discussed with WCF members about spearheading development for Whitecoin (as required). Of course Whitecoin is Open Source which ensures transparency, collaboration and community development, but will utilize its development resources for future developments as it relates to the Whitecoin Wallet.


o KUT integration into Whitecoin would be driven by, with bounties being made available first
(1s)t to the community and second (2nd) to

o Developers are in house or outsourced by for the same bounty as it relates to the development item,
funded through donations by the Community.

With this being said, this means that there the “head developer” would in essence be under the supervision of to ensure development timelines and integrations would be reached, within a reasonable time period, while on budget.

Please remember that is volunteering its development resources as required and as directed by the community
through fundraising and bounties, to complete any wallet related developments directives from the Community.

We will be working towards creating a clear timeline of the proposed developments with our core focus on KUT upon completion of the Alpha centralized testing of KUT with DandyID.

  • Upon completion of this testing, we will then move towards the next phase of integration with Whitecoin.
  • Dependent upon the Alpha testing results, additional developments or fixes, these will determine the timeline
    for integration completion within Whitecoin.
  • We are expecting to have our results and feedback available within the next couple of weeks.

Here are a couple of images provided by @dandyid for the up coming DandyID Known User Verification Service



If you have questions, ideas or would like to participate with Whitecoin for development, marketing, promotions, graphics or your specialty, feel free to contact us in IRC, Forum or the website, we are around 24/7 to help make Whitecoin a success for its community!

~ Jason Arnold

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