We are Proud to announce the Whitecoin Summit in China 2017

//We are Proud to announce the Whitecoin Summit in China 2017

We are Proud to announce the Whitecoin Summit in China 2017

In just a few days from now the 2017 Whitecoin summit in China will commence!

The summit will be an opportunity for our long standing development team to meet face to face with both the new emerging Chinese development team and Whitecoin supporters in China.

The inaugural China summit will commence December 10th in Shanghai. Oizopower was invited to China to meet both the development team there and the broader community.

The summit will feature key speakers:

  • Oizopower
  • Waligu
  • Lizhi
  • Will

They will be addressing a range of topics regarding the future development of Whitecoin and areas of growth for both the community and business.

This will be a fantastic opportunity for development team members to engage with each other and discuss ideas for the future of Whitecoin. As well as existing community members and other blockchain enthusiasts to meet the team behind Whitecoin and gain a greater understanding of who we are, what we’re doing and what Whitecoin stands for.

Visit the official Whitecoin China Summit 2017 page here

Why the Whitecoin Summit is being held

As many of you know Peter officially joined the Whitecoin team in July 2017. Since then he has been instrumental in building the Whitecoin community in China. It is through his hard work (and others) that the Whitecoin community has grown exponentially. The Whitecoin community has remained somewhat segregated over this time period. We want to rectify this by removing the barriers that exist between our groups.

To this end the Whitecoin Summit will bring together developers from all over the world to join together in discussing all aspects of our future with community members.

Bridging the gap between the communities is fundamental but also having a platform where progressive face-to-face discussions within the development team can be held is a primary driver for the summit.

We hope that new vigour and direction can be achieved which will help propel Whitecoin in to 2018.

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