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Whitecoin relies on its community to provide priority of major projects and the overall direction of the developments which are most important to them.  The Whitecoin development team are continually working on developments that matter most to YOU the community, through our website, voting, polling and our main bitcointalk.org thread.

Whitecoin is driven by a dedicated community of supporters yet controlled by no one single individual. This attractive combination will help ensure stability, growth, and compelling technological developments. People from all around the world have worked on Whitecoin to make it secure and strong. Whitecoin exists since early 2014.

We continue to focus on the stability, security and longevity of Whitecoin through innovation initiatives as determined by you.  We separate ourselves technically from other coins by enhancing our wallet, integrating services and merchants to our blockchain, while continually improving our code.

WhiteCoin for such a young coin has weathered the test of time. With its rough beginnings with a developer whom only cared about the money, WhiteCoin has evolved into a driving force of energy depicted by its Logo. Today WhiteCoin is driven by its investors, developers and the community. Currently all efforts are on a volunteer basis with bounties being offered for key developments, graphics and community driven initiatives. Donations have been received by the WhiteCoin Transition Team to allot for Bounties such as Development, Marketing, Services and Other operational expenses.