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Whitecoin started out in April 2014. Originally created on the back of the successful launch of Blackcoin, the creator of Whitecoin wished to replicate their launch.

At the end of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) phase of the coin was meant to enter in to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) phase. The shift to the PoS phase did not occur and the coin was almost lost.

It became apparent at this time to all involved in the coin that the developer had disappeared and had no intention of being an actual developer. As all efforts to communicate or make contact with them failed.

It was at this point that the Whitecoin community really began.

A member from the community initiated communications with the listed exchanges at the time to help assist a takeover of the coin. Meanwhile many community members maintained the integrity of the block chain by continuing to mine the coin as the PoW phase was still active. This mining provided no block rewards for the miners but ensured the continuation of the coin while measures took place to rectify the situation and enact the PoS phase of Whitecoin.

From then on Whitecoin has been a community driven coin, members have volunteered their time and effort to help implement the wishes of the community.

Fund raising efforts helped enact projects that the community requested.

We have seen numerous members come and go throughout the life of Whitecoin, they have contributed as their skills and time allowed. Their participation is and will always be valued.

Early 2017 saw new vigour come to Whitecoin as we upgraded to PoS V3.0. This saw great growth in all aspects of Whitecoin; in community members, community engagement, increased trading volume and a large increase in price.

From this point Whitecoin aims to continue growth in both our community and features to create a future which is embraces innovation and connectivity.