Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour – Shanghai Conference

//Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour – Shanghai Conference

Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour – Shanghai Conference

Our Chinese development team, community and Whitecoin partners are undertaking the Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour!

The upcoming conference in Shanghai will be part of a series of events held throughout China with the primary goal of extending blockchain knowledge and promoting Whitecoin and it’s partner services. It is scheduled that 2 events will be held each month through different regions of China.

Key details

Shanghai Conference

Time: May 27, 2018 13:30-17:00

Location: ZY COFFEE, No. 207, Mengzi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai,

Organiser: Whitecoin Blockchain China Executive Team

Co-organizer: XWC Community, WhiteNode

Media Support: WhiteNode Miner New Media, Whitecoin Community


  • Whitecoin Blockchain China Tour aims to extend blockchain knowledge among cryptocurrency enthusiasts
  • focus on the current trend of digital asset
  • promote Whitecoin, its applications and ecosystem
  • discuss the topics most concerned by investors
  • provide a one-stop service for Whitecoin blockchain innovations and applications
  • help Whitecoin blockchain achieve greater commercial value and create a healthy ecology.

Guest Speakers

  • Will  –  Blockchain Enthusiast, Digital Currency Senior Expert
  • Weber – Shanghai Jiao Tong University MBA, WhiteNode CEO, Currency Expert
  • Cadillac – Early Bitcoin Miner, Senior Cryptocurrency investor
  • Aron – Secretary of the Board of Tiandihui Logistics, Logistics Blockchain Expert

Event Proceedings

Time Topic
13:30-14:00 Sign In, Add Wechat Group
14:00-14:03 Opening
14:03-14:40 Speech(Aron): The Development Trend of Blockchain Technology and the Correct Values of Token Investment
14:40-15:15 Speech(Cadillac): Survival Skills in Cryptocurrency Market-Demonstration of Common Technical indicators
15:15-15:50 Speech(Weber): Whitecoin Development and Whitenode Project
15:50-16:25 Speech(Will): Prospects for the future virtual currency market
16:25-17:00 Q&A, Panel Discussion
17:00-17:20 Lucky Draw, Group Photo


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