Whitecoin Development Team Restructure

//Whitecoin Development Team Restructure

Whitecoin Development Team Restructure

In light of the reality of the modern cryptocurrency sphere the Whitecoin team has decided that the best course of action for Whitecoin, its community and holders to continue to move forward is to restructure the development team.

As of the 3rd of July the lead of the development team has begun transitioning to incorporate a new leadership group with the aim to improving the effectiveness of Whitecoins development going forward.

This decision is fundamentally driven by the fact that up until this point our core team group has been volunteer based with no real central or accountable organisation behind it. We recognise that this model does not suit the fast paced and changing atmosphere that we exist in and to continue to progress forward the Whitecoin team will be restructuring to address these issues.

So what does that all mean?

What that means is that leadership and direction of Whitecoin will be moving to incorporate an existing part of our development team more closely to a leadership role, helping to guide the Whitecoin project. This arm of the development team has the access to greater resources than our volunteer group and will be compromised of both full-time and part-time developers. This will allow for far greater efforts to be put towards Whitecoins development. They have a range of skills across blockchain development, web development and PR/marketing. All of which will help Whitecoin grow in all areas.

The first areas to be addressed are:

  • A new whitepaper, to be delivered in the coming weeks
  • A new roadmap, to also be delivered in the coming weeks
  • Transfer and update of the website

As this transition is still in the works time frames on these initial projects will become clearer soon and more development plans are being discussed which will be outlined in the forthcoming roadmap.

What about the current team?

The Whitecoin team as has been known to this point are committed to aiding the transition of leadership and aiding as much as possible in this restructure. As this group has always been volunteer and working on the Whitecoin project has been a model of ‘contribute as much as you can as long as you want’ that is essentially how we plan to continue. We will continue to contribute in a way that works in with the shift of leadership group with the aim to help grow Whitecoin as we always have.

Final note

We are very excited about the opportunity this new structure of the Whitecoin team and we think it is the best possible outcome to progress Whitecoin. We are all incredibly proud to have been core to this project up until this point and are happy to see that we can continue to evolve to address the modern challenges that we face in the cryptocurrency environment. We hope you all join us on this next leg of the journey that has bought us this far.

Stay tuned as there is much more to come in this new beginning.

Thank you

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