Whitecoin has successfully forked, now 5 XWC stake reward

//Whitecoin has successfully forked, now 5 XWC stake reward

Whitecoin has successfully forked, now 5 XWC stake reward

At 1st of June 2018 at 22:00 UTC (block 609332) the Whitecoin blockchain succesfully forked to a new chain. This upgrade fixed an issue with staking rewards and increases the stake reward from 2 XWC to 5 XWC.

The fork fixes the following:

  • Increases the staking reward to 5 XWC (every 60 seconds)
  • Fixes an issue with FutureDrift resulting in stakes not being distributed correctly

The update went smoothly thanks to combined effort of many individuals. The developers made sure the migration could be done seamlessly, all exchanges and platforms have been contacted by our PR team and the community updated their wallets to the latest version. Extra thanks to Oizopower, dev0tion and Blitzkitten for their hard work!

If you’re still running a wallet older that version v2.5 you will need to update before you can interact with the XWC network again. If you sent XWC while on the wrong chain, your address still has those XWC on the correct chain. If someone sent you XWC, your address on the correct chain has those XWC, your client just can’t see them yet (assuming the sender is on the correct chain). To confirm XWC did or did not send on the correct chain, check the destination address on the block explorer.

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