Whitecoin to be listed on eBTCbank

//Whitecoin to be listed on eBTCbank

Whitecoin to be listed on eBTCbank

The Whitecoin Summit held in Shanghai bought together a large number of community members and parties interested about Whitecoin.

To this end many relationships have been formed, the first of these to give tangible results is the meeting with eBTCbank representatives who have confirmed that Whitecoin will begin trading Thursday 14th of December. eBTCbank, based in Hong Kong will allow fluid trading between Whitecoin supporters in China and globally.

You can find the eBTCbank site here and sign up in preparation for trading.

This is the first of many important new relationships formed that complement the new development features that will be announced soon!

About eBTCbank

eBTCbank, the online Bitcoin bank (eNet), is a professional digital asset investment bank, ICO financed and encrypted digital asset trading platform jointly created by senior figures in the digital currency industry.

Based on the in-depth exploration of the digital currency and blockchain industries, the eBTCbank operates with decentralized democratic autonomy and has online mobile wallet, mobile real-time ICO and transaction capabilities to closely match the needs of user scenarios in the mobile Internet era. Project sponsors can launch project crowdfunding on the platform, promote project visibility, get seed users, and commit project backers to yield prospective returns. Investors and backers can discover and support projects of interest to eBTCbank and receive the promises promised by the project sponsors. At the same time, eBTCbank also brings together Bitcoin, Litecoin and many other encrypted digital currencies, users can freely and safely deal in this platform.

The eBTCbank team will provide high-quality services to the block-chain digital asset industry with professional service capabilities and an international perspective. It will promote the application of blockchain technology and contribute to the new normalization of the economy.

You can even view their certification of incorporation here 


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