Whitecoin listing on ZB.com

//Whitecoin listing on ZB.com

Whitecoin listing on ZB.com

We are extremely excited to announce that Whitecoin trading will be going live today (the 19th of July) on ZB.com!

ZB.com will be hosting three markets for Whitecoin to trade on:

  • XWC/QC

The Whitecoin wallet is now active for deposits!

XWC Trading competition on ZB!

In order to repay users, XWC will open the “XWC trading competition” at 14:00 on July 19, 2018 Beijing time. During the activity, in the ZB.com transaction XWC, the top 1,000 trading users can share 100,000 XWC according to the volume of transactions of XWC Trading (buying and selling).

Activity time: Beijing time from 14:00 July 19, 2018 to 14:00 July 26, 2018.

XWC bonus share ratio:

(1) No. 1-3: 9,999 XWC per person

(2) No. 4-10: 2,999 XWC per person

(3) No. 11-50:  199 XWC per person

(4) No. 51-100:  99 XWC per person

(5) the remaining 900 users: share the remaining 36,100 XWC according to the volume of transactions.

The winning list will be announced within 7 working days after the end of the event. Thank you for your support!

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