Whitecoin Updates Oct 1st

//Whitecoin Updates Oct 1st

Whitecoin Updates Oct 1st


What a great couple of months for Whitecoin but we believe that this is only the beginning of the communities hard work, dedication and commitment to Whitecoin, its investors, partners and cryptocurrency in general.

Over the past several months we have seen some great leading indicators of how healthy Whitecoin is. We look at such indicators like how much the community has grown, movement of the market cap, exchange volumes and in addition, new investor demand for Whitecoin all of which are in a very steady upward trend.

You can see from our growing list of developments that we are positioned to grow Whitecoin to new heights but before I get into this, I first wanted to acknowledge that none of this could have been possible without YOU the community, rallying behind Whitecoin and all we stand for. We all thank each of you for believing in the team, to not only resurrect Whitecoin but to see it explode back into the spotlight, showing the world that Whitecoin has not only tested the boundaries of the bottom but has risen and been revived beyond many people’s expectations, promoting and attracting growth through community & partner innovation, not simply another P&D.

I have been asked by the community to provide a quick update as to the forward moving progress we are making within the Whitecoin community.  With David (Surfguy) being between moving and getting settled, we arranged a meeting of the WCF yesterday where we discussed recent developments, team additions and core marketing touch points.  To ensure my pledge of openness and transparency, I have summarized the key items and their updates accordingly:

Public Notary Service: Cryptocopyright.com (http://cryptocopyright.com)

This has been fully deployed and is in public beta.  This service is currently being utilized primary for text documentation such as articles and publications.  As demand increases for this service, Shair.com will be releasing its File Upload functionality so that you can have your pictures, documents and images ownership rights assigned via the Whitecoin Network.  This service provides a number of benefits to the Whitecoin Community – currently there is no fee for this service, every time a document goes through the CCR process, there are transaction fees which occur in addition to Whitecoins which are destroyed.

As this is a cool deployment with future very positive implications for Whitecoin, more detailed information will become available over the coming weeks.

Whitecoin Community Initiated Developments:

1.       WhiteOS

Did you know that WhiteOS isn’t just a secure operating system for Whitecoin but, it can be used for any Cryptocurrency Wallet?  Simple by design, it will come ready built with Whitecoin ready to go from all aspects such as Exchange Links, the Whitecoin website, Forum, Documentation and of course the Whitecoin Wallet, however it can also be used to secure any Linux wallet which means that it has a much broader appeal to anyone whom wants to have a secure USB enabled OS with Privacy enabled by default.

Nearing completion of the internal testing phase, we are now moving in to private invite testing, aiming for end of week, early into next for the private invite, community testing phase.  If you are interested in participating, Oizopower has already made an announcement regarding WhiteOS letting everyone know the process by which you might gain early access.

a.       There has been no bounty set aside for this development therefore if you like what you see and love the work we are doing, you can make a contribution to Oizopower directly at WPTThUxWVSnvrRivH4epkkGGX1JQvd74pf

Once again, here is a sneak video looking into the functionality of WhiteOS http://youtu.be/r-VKKXgIKjg


2. Smart Contracts

I have further discussed this potential development with Shair as it does align with their vision of Identity/Reputation and Smart Contract initiatives, combined together, this could be very powerful for the Whitecoin community.  Currently this is only under discussion internally however, this development could follow the Known User Transactions or act as a decentralized solution… more discussions will need to take place on this subject.  The WCF will be providing the community with open communication points especially where consensus would be required prior to kick starting this project especially if any WCF funds would be required for development.

If this development would be of interest to integrate moving forward and you would like to support this development, here is the donation address: WgMvUeu6vf7vFb1PVGmnfD6tvyFqSh7oWC – Current Balance: 74,106 WC

3. Reduce Confirmation Times

WCF Technical team has reviewed how best to implement the proposed reduced confirmation times for staking, currently confirmation times for staking coins is at approx. 340 confirmations.  As many of the community has already voiced its opinion on reducing these times, the WCF will utilize the bounty collected at WUET4WgYwz4HLx54faKYyRWMNbfa6K5gjj with a balance of 367,196 WC, to modify the code so that staking coins will only require 30 confirmations.  What this will accomplish is speeding up our staking times making it over 10X faster than it is today!  The only “downfall” which doesn’t present much risk is that Whitecoin will require a fork which means that all exchanges, block explorers, partners and wallets will have a mandatory update.  Prior to any release, we would ensure that our partners (exchanges, Shair etc.) have all been coordinated for this fork, to minimize any down time for services that are dependent upon Whitecoin.

As we have a standing bounty value of 367,196 WC, therefore we are prepared to begin development (with payment to WC Development Team upon successful deployment of code into production), next week where we will be providing updates to the community as the development progresses through its various development stages.

4. Built in Voting App

To ensure fairness with future voting for new developments, elections of WCF officials and other cool decision making processes that Whitecoin will need to make as a transparent community driven Crypto, this is an important function that we could develop in conjunction with Oizopowers Logo Voting System however it will take some fairly significant development efforts.  If you remember the voting system Oizopower created when the community was defining its logo via the community voting process, I have discussed this with Oizopower whereas we could build a system which could then tie directly into DandyID via API, or act as a semi decentralized standalone system, where WCF could manage the items to be voted on with/without KUT by the community of Whitecoin enabling a truly democratic process of voting thereby making Whitecoin one of the largest Cryptocurrencies where all members have a voice in the future of their crypto.

If you would like to contribute to this development, you can make your donation to: WSYDAdSrx23BpC6MjBJ2pdWvfkVjYu6tEB – current balance 104,216 WC

5. Known User Transactions

Shair.com has allocated resources for the implementation of KUT within DandyID, utilizing Claim.io and Whitecoin at its core. This has been outlined in the whitepaper which can be reviewed here: http://shair.com/uploads/shair_id_plat_wc.pdf which is a high level overview of the process by which it will come to life.  Currently Shair is in the final stages of resource planning for their internal development with meetings taking place for detailed wallet discussions with the WCF Technical Team, a further update will be provided upon finalizing team members understanding that the bounty collected at this wallet address: WQ2daSMKv7qBsgxJTBeSwKfTLoVDYsBZEr will be utilized as a bounty for successful development once production of the Whitecoin Wallet was to be released fully supporting KUT.

Expect an update from Shair as to its progress upon completion of their resource planning which will provide the team and Whitecoin with an estimated timeline for testing purposes.  If you would like to donate to this development (final bounty will be announced later), you can do so here: WQ2daSMKv7qBsgxJTBeSwKfTLoVDYsBZEr – the current balance is: 1,085,642 WC

General Discussions

BCT-Auto Moderation:

It has been agreed upon by the WCF that our ANN become auto moderated, therefore as you can now see, this function will be set to ON to ensure quality information, feedback, dialogue and conversations can take place without disruption of FUD based comments.

This will help us better communicate to the community of Whitecoin that use this forum with a clearer line of open communications.  If you are doing research, want to verify facts, stay up to  date with news, information and updates, the official Whitecoin Website is located at http://whitecoin.info which as a newsletter that we send out to subscribers approximately once each week.

New members to WCF:

We as a team our proud to tell you that Malbee, a long-time supporter, and active contributor will be joining the team in a more official capacity.  With SurfGuy going through his move, but still staying heavily involved and contributing, the team agreed to bolster the Public Relations side of our team to ensure that YOU, the community are getting the answers and communication needed to drive WhiteCoin into a premiere coin within cryptocurrency.

“I am excited with Malbee joining the team!  He’s a fellow FUD-buster, community supporter and over all a great guy.  His addition to the team, will ensure that our community is always in touch with the operations and development side of the coin as much as possible, and keep the communication alive within the community.  I look forward to working with him more and integrating him into the WCF!  Please feel free to contact me or him with any interest in joining the team!  Surf’s up!” – Surfguy

* If you are interested in becoming part of the team, simply come visit us in IRC #whitecoinfoundation and let us know how you can assist (Marketing, PR, Development, Reddit, Twitter etc.) of contact us through the official Whitecoin and Whitecoin foundation website at: http://whitecoin.info

* If you are a business and would like to discuss how Whitecoin can assist you in your projects, please contact us via the official Whitecoin and Whitecoin foundation website at: http://whitecoin.info

Over the coming weeks we will continue to solicit feedback from the community, partners and investors on the above items, provide feedback and updates to ensure everyone is kept up to speed on our advancements.  We are looking forward to carrying our momentum gaining not only new members to the WCF team but fostering the growth of our community, enhancing the value for Whitecoin through developments, innovation and partnerships.

Best Regards,
Jason Arnold
VP WCF | COO Shair.com

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