Whitenode version 0.3.3 released!

//Whitenode version 0.3.3 released!

Whitenode version 0.3.3 released!

The Whitecoin team are pleased to announce we have released an updated version of Whitenode to v0.3.3 with an upgraded GUI and a version wallet.

The new Whitenode release for RasPi can be downloaded here

Our team has also compiled a guide to update which users can follow to aid their transition to the compliant version of Whitenode, the pdf format can be downloaded from the link below.

Whitenode Wallet Update Guide

Please remember to always back up your wallet.dat file or transfer your coins to another wallet before performing the Whitenode update. 

Changes included in the v0.3.3 release

Base changes:

  • Instant wallet sync was not working correctly, applied proper fix
  • Compiled with wallet v2.5.2.0
  • latest GUI interface
  • Preloaded the XWC Blockchain (12th of june)

GUI changes:

  • New amount of yearly coins according to new staking amount
  • After setting encryption password give feedback
  • After setting encryption password, start the wallet again.
  • Fix modal submit action and remove modal display after action
  • Add DataTables for transaction page
  • Fix mobile dropdown menu
  • Connections now show country where connected peers are located
  • Recreate system menu, and move console out of experimental
  • Fix reboot button on reboot page, this was not doing anything yet.
  • Create a backup of the wallet and download to client
  • Fix in languages dropdown
  • Many more small fixes

Please do not hesitate to contact the Whitecoin team if you encounter any problems or want any further clarification. This can be done by any of our social media channels. Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Bitcoin Talk Forum or email.

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