WhiteOS – A Sneak Peak Into The Whitecoin OS

//WhiteOS – A Sneak Peak Into The Whitecoin OS

WhiteOS – A Sneak Peak Into The Whitecoin OS

WhiteOS – Sneak preview

Hello WC! Today I’m very excited and proud to announce a sneak preview about WhiteOS. We have been working hard on this to create a secure and easy to use custom OS for Whitecoin.
Most bugs and errors have been solved and things look very bright. This is a very early stage of what you can expect from WhiteOS. (not all features will be discussed now)

What is WhiteOS:

  • WhiteOS is a secure and custom OS based Ubuntu environment, it is based on the latest version 14.04 LTS which ensures a long update lifetime.
  • WhiteOS ensures a safe environment for your wallet management.
  • Anyone with with a old PC or laptop can use WhiteOS.
  • WhiteOS can be installed on any PC that is minimal 32bit based so it can practicly run on any PC.

What is the use of WhiteOS, why do you need it?:

WhiteOS can be installed on a PC or on a USB device. When putting it on a USB device you create a portable Operating System that you can use everywhere and is safe and secure. For example:

When you need to do some $WC transactions, you can insert the USB stick into a random PC and boot from the USB device. This way you have your own wallet that cannot be infected from malware/keyloggers that are running on the windows environment of that PC. So you can do your transactions safely and securely.



Remember, this is still in a very early stage and the images are not final. many more features not listed yet:

Splash boot screen:

Installation screen:

User creation screen for installation, directly from Live environment:


Welcome screen, Login:


Home directory encryption:

Whitecoin wallet with TOR enabled:

Workspaces / Multiple desktops:

Next Steps:

  • Currently we are in Alpha testing with internal team testing next week
  • Following the completion of the Alpha Team Testing, we will be inviting up to 5 members of the Whitecoin Community to join us in our testing
  • Upon completion of this, we will be inviting an additional 5 Whitecoin Community members for additional testing
  • Once these sets of testing have been completed, we will move into full production Open Beta




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About the Author:

I'm a member of the Whitecoin team since 2014. As long as there is a community i'll keep on developing.