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WhiteOS Official Release:          ~17 October 2014

WhiteOS utilizes a custom, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment based on the latest version 14.04LTS.  WhiteOS is a secure and portable operating system that anyone with a PC or laptop will be able to use. Because the OS and Wallet data files are stored on a USB, you effectively have true cold storage, and your coins will follow you wherever you go.

BUILT IN ANONYMITY – One of the most unique features of this secure environment is that the wallet and browsers are redirected through a TOR proxy to ensure anonymity and privacy (this runs locally by default). When you unplug your USB stick no trace is left on the host PC.

A special thank to all the beta-testers (some who wished to remain anonymous)!!!  We have fixed many bugs that I would not have found on my own system.

We are dedicated to make WhiteOS as feature rich and secure as possible.  Continued development on some really nice and unique features is under way and will be released in future versions.

What happens after the release of WhiteOS?  We have some really nice unique ideas that we are willing to implement in future versions of WhiteOS, so we continue to develop on WhiteOS as a good and secure and portable OS. Once the release of WhiteOS is succesfull more features will be added!

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