XWC Blockchain Instant Sync

//XWC Blockchain Instant Sync

XWC Blockchain Instant Sync

We have created  a instant sync blockchain copy for you to get your wallet up and running even faster!
Get your instant sync copy here and place it into %APPDATA%\whitecoin-xwc\ this way you prevent the full blockchain download.


File Hashes:

MD5 Checksum: 9BD46FCC7B977448D123B3A55CE72EB7
SHA-1 Checksum: C4DFD642E75C28540892EDF29D6520D8F1E75EC5
SHA256 Checksum: FA8A2FDB363721E31983C36D12DD5DD774803FB076A94A81DF8C9DD6FEA801D9
SHA512 Checksum: 97C1F14BF2DF8557CE86C43DD5F3366B0AD0FE3A5C4F8FC9E7807F836E92EED110DDEB45423E5B19149EA763F1D93D8CE99B43E38475A9F9CDF36706B0266713

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